Rodrigo Barillas

Tap Room and Retail

Rodrigo Barillas

Before we start, lets all pronounce his name with some heart:

RODRIGO is his name and the Tap Room is his claim to fame.

With his Latino flavour he brings a zest we love to savour.

Rigo has a vast knowledge of psychology, just ask and he’ll explain it all thoroughly.

He gets excited about sports and trivia, and if he’s wrong he yell at ya.

Aurora is his #1 gal, and probably our littlest best pal.

Excu me if you don’t know, but he likes to run the show. 

We don’t blame him in his Capricorn ways, we just assume its a phase.

We love to play jokes, folks, but Spearhead is a crew and Rodrigo is simply the glue. 


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