Ari Starr

GTA Sales Representative

Ari Starr

As one of the founding members of Spearhead (a “Spearhead Original Gangster”), I can honestly say that when we first started brewing, we launched one of the most adventurous beers in the Ontario market. While assisting in the first homebrew what would one day become Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, I helped Spearhead get its first beers off the ground; often with a mop! Tomas gets all the credit for perfecting this unique brew’s recipe. These days I try to avoid getting in the way at the brewhouse and stick to spreading the Spearhead gospel all over Toronto.

The best part of working at Spearhead is talking about our Beer Without Boundaries all day and night. Aside from telling the world about my favourite beer (yes, our Hawaiian Style Pale Ale is still my favourite!), it’s also how I met by beautiful wife—an early Spearhead adopter.

Prior to being a beer enthusiast, I was the International Business Affairs Manager at an indie record label. It was a blast, but it’s far more fun marketing an artisanal product that I lent a small hand (or finger) to create. Great craft beer is here to stay and it certainly can’t be downloaded (yet!).

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