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New Decoy Lager lets you give back while you kick back

Spearhead Brewing invites you to give back to nature while you kick back with a cool lager. It’s all part of paying forward the great gift of nature in Canada.

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Spearhead is proud to mark a new partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada by introducing its new Decoy Lager. For every six-pack that you buy, Spearhead will donate a portion of the proceeds to wildlife habitat conservation.

Spearhead’s Decoy Lager is light on alcohol (4%) and colour, but not on taste. The aroma and taste exhibit malty sweetness with a clean, fast finish on the palate.

Ducks Unlimited Canada delivers wetland conservation that benefits every Canadian. They keep the water in your lakes and rivers clean. They protect your community from the effects of flood and drought. They save wildlife and special natural places. They use science to find solutions to the most important environmental issues of the day and we collaborate with people who are helping create a healthier world. The wetlands they save aren’t just for ducks; they’re for all of us. We are immensely proud to contribute to their amazing work.

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6 reviews for Decoy Lager

  1. Spab (verified owner)

    355 ml can from the Beer Store. Pours a clear golden colour with average-sized white head. Aroma is sweet grains with straw. Flavour has sweet, grainy maltiness with a bit of straw. Not much finish to speak of. Light body. Nothing off, but quite plain. I guess this is the hunting version of lawnmower beer.

  2. Glenn Hendry (verified owner)

    Grainy aroma with a bit of sweetness. Cereal and sweet malt on the tongue with a clean and slightly sweet finish. Sweet beer

  3. MetalChopz (verified owner)

    6-pack from The Beer Store that pours a slight hazy golden colour with an orange hue. The head is average, but the carbonation seems a touch higher, creating some bubbles on top. A decent mix of grains in the nose, between lighter malts and slightly darker ones (kind of like rye). The taste is a notch better than regular lagers. Brewed with better ingredients.

  4. AleRider78

    Tall can from Foodland. Pours a massive foamy off-white head and has a pale golden orangey coloured appearance. Thick soapy lace. Slightly excessive carbonation. Aromas of wheat, yeast, light citrus and floral hops. Flavours are wheaty, a bit grainy, some melon notes, some light citrus and herbal notes. Slight drying mouthfeel.

  5. Graeme (verified owner)

    Refreshing beer and great for conservation!

  6. Austin Brown

    Great beer! Don’t listen to these negative comments. I hope they are back in stock at the beer store soon.

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