Josh Hayter

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Josh Hayter

President, Spearhead Brewing Company

Josh has had a lot of jobs in his life; and he was successful at most of them. He also happened to be very bored. In the back of his head, he always knew that one day he would own a brewery because, well, he loves beer.

But he didn’t always. There was once a time in his life when he drank pretty much anything but beer (seriously, he had a bottle of Grey Goose on standby in his freezer). One day, he discovered that he didn’t like beer because he wasn’t buying good beer. Almost immediately, he was inspired to taste more and more brews and quickly became a regular commentator on the Canadian beer industry as the founder of and as a beer columnist for a few different Canadian publications. Now, he is constantly searching for his next favourite brew and will selflessly sacrifice himself in the name of R & D.

Like many people, Josh thought the craft beer industry was much more glamorous than it actually is. While it certainly isn’t boring, it’s also not partying and drinking beer all the time. Yet, every morning, he wakes up and thinks to himself, “awesome- I get to go to work today!”

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