Tomas Schmidt

Brewmaster (London)

Tomas Schmidt

I was born and raised in the beer mecca of the world — Czech Republic — and for 30 years, I toiled away as a brewmaster and process/quality expert for major Canadian brewing companies. I was happily enjoying a leisurely retirement and making my poolside home brew when Spearhead came calling.

I readily gave up retirement in exchange for brewing really exciting craft beer. I didn’t realize how different craft beer would be from the mega breweries. They all have their same ol’ recipes that don’t allow for deviation; now I have the ultimate freedom to create whatever I want and to invent the recipe for the next great brew.

We’ve turned out some really crazy beers, but like cooking, brewing craft beer isn’t about adding ingredients for the sake of adding ingredients; it’s about using the right amounts of only the best. Every batch I brew is my effort to improve upon perfection.

And when a batch is done, the best part of my job is that I get to drink beer.


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