Jacob Schmidt

Head Brewer

Jacob Schmidt

I guess you could say that I was born to be a brewer. I tried, I really tried to follow a different life path than my family destiny by studying history at university. But sitting at a desk reading books wasn’t for me — Spearhead was.

I’m a self-proclaimed ‘beer freak’ and being part of the Spearhead team means I’m not just looking to try my next great beer; I’m brewing my next great beer. It’s exciting to brew without restraints, because we produce some really amazing and creative beers that way. We just won’t mention the creative ones that don’t necessarily qualify as amazing; that’s R&D, right?

What I love about my job (besides beer tasting) is meeting people at bars and events, listening to their tasting notes and taking in the camaraderie that comes with a simple pint of beer.

It is incredible how well people can get to know each other over one little drink.

Phone: 519-500-6791 Email: jacob@spearheadbeer.com

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