Martin Villeneuve

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Martin Villeneuve

All cards on the table — I never had visions or dreams of being a brewer. In fact, until I became a founding partner of Spearhead, I was most definitely a wine snob with a virtual non-existent knowledge of beer. When it came to beer, I simply drank what everyone else did and thought of beer as wine’s ugly sister.

But what started as simply a business challenge grew into a passion — a passion for craft beer and a passion to elevate Spearhead far beyond the pre-conceived notions of beer. And, I know those notions well because I once held them all. Basically, I am driven to prove all of the old me’s of the world wrong.

As the bean counter on the team, I’m sort of like the orchestra conductor. I do not make the music; instead I am the disciplinarian who keeps everyone in harmony by bringing order and balance.

I left a high profile job in the financial services world for Spearhead and I now call myself a retired banker. Because banking will never again replace beer.

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