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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company8 hours ago
It’s #HappyHourAtHome🍻

Kick back, relax, and enjoy a #SpearheadBeer while you enjoy the musical stylings of Goldwing’s Ryan Gollogly via Kingstonist

👇Don’t forget to use special coupon code “KingstonistOne” to take 10% OFF your next online order!
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company1 day ago
😷Spearhead branded face masks, anyone?

👇Comment below and let us know which Spearhead brands you would show off!!

🙌Let us know what your top picks are for safe swag gear that protects your pals when you’re speaking moistly and shows off your Spearhead colours at the same time!

👉Would you like the classic Hawaiian Style Tiki, our Oktoberfest Lager logo, or would you rock the beautiful blue of our NEIPA? How about something else entirely?
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company3 days ago
🎥Behind the scenes!

📺President Josh Hayter was busy this morning shooting that next great beer commercial with our friends from Make Hay Media

👉Stay tuned for what’s next from Spearhead!
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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company4 days ago
🤤Fresh cans of your cold weather favourite, Moroccan Brown Ale are coming your way!

🍺Brewed with cinnamon, figs, dates and raisins, this unique 6% brown ale has all the complex flavour and bouquet of a fine red wine with hints of plum, brown sugar and dried fruit.

🍻Taste it today!
Available online for FREE local home delivery at
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company5 days ago
🙌Happy Sunday Funday! Why not kick back, relax, and take it easy with a light and crisp option to end your weekend?

👉Our Lighter Lager is the perfect choice for those seeking a lighter craft experience that doesn’t skimp on flavour.

🍻Taste it today at
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company6 days ago
🌱Listen up all you Radler lovers!

🍻Our fan favourite, Mojito Radler, is BACK for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

🙌Just when you thought the season was over, Spearhead decided to bring back summer vibes just for you!

👉The super crushable twist on the delightful cocktail is only available IN STORE while supplies last, so get it before it’s gone!

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