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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company23 hours ago
G'dEh! From Canada & Australia!

We collaborated with the great (and far away) minds at Sea Legs Brewing Company in Brisbane Australia to bring you the same delicious transcontinental IPA recipe on both sides of the world! Citrus and mandarin notes give way to that classic resin aroma. G'deh is a product of a collision between two breweries with a passion for great beer.

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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company3 days ago


Good, Eh?

An Aussie and a Canadian walk into a bar. The Aussie says, ‘can I grab a slab please?’ The Canuck says, ‘can I get a two-four please?’ and this trans-continental collab was born. Sea Legs Brewing Co (AUS) and Spearhead Brewing Company (CAN) both love to push the boundaries and 'colour outside the lines when it comes to creativity in brewing beer. This transcontinental collaboration – G'dEh IPA – is a melting pot of their combined innovation and styles.

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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company3 days ago
Find our flagship brew at your local LCBO. Hawaiian Style Pale Ale.

Brewed with pineapple juice to cut the bitterness. It's a product of more than 10 years of brewing experience, and a passion for good beer.

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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company4 days ago
Non-Ticketed Event

Book your reservation by emailing

Celebrate spooky season and great beer at Spearhead this Halloween!
Costume Contest, Halloween trivia, and more!
Trivia hosted by Amanda Richardson with the help of Dj Terry.
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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company5 days ago
Our NEIPA. Tested and formulated by our master brewers. Balanced just the way we like it. Juicy, hoppy, refreshing, and delicious.

Find out if this is your new perfect NEIPA here:

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