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Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company5 hours ago
Isolation has us feeling like...👇

Thank you to Carly Rae Jepsen for this killer rendition of a childhood classic, to Sierra Hallin for this Oscar worthy performance, and #TikTok for the platform to create this gold.
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company9 hours ago
🙌Who wore it best?

🧐On second thought... better not answer that. Instead, check out our new lineup of lightweight spring beanies!

👇Available in purple, green and orange!
Get yours today online or in store.
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company1 day ago
🙌We made it through another week!

🍻We’re raising our glasses inside our isolation bubbles to all you wonderful supporters, friends, and family members who are working hard to flatten the curve, protect your loved ones, and fighting to stay positive each day.

💪We can do this! We’re all in this together!

#StayInsideYourBubble #HappyFriday #TGIF
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company2 days ago
☀️Good morning from the “office”!

☕️A good start to any day (even if you can’t remember what day it is... it’s Friday, right?) is delicious coffee in your (really cool, Spearhead) cup.

💕Some of our local favs? NORTHSIDE espresso + kitchen and North Roast Wholesale Roastery who BOTH happen to offer delivery in #YGK.

🍻Start your day off right and make sure that mug is empty and ready this evening for some ice cold #OnCraftBeer! Mugs and beer available online now👇

Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company2 days ago
Tune in to Virtual Throwback Thursday with Stage One Sound tonight!!
Spearhead Brewing Company
Spearhead Brewing Company2 days ago
🙌Thank you to our essential friends at The Beer Store, LCBO’s and Grocery Stores across Ontario who are working hard and supporting local breweries, wineries and distilleries during this time!

🍻You can find Spearhead beer like our delicious 4:Session IPA at an LCBO near you, a tasty Decoy Lager at your local The Beer Store or a classic Hawaiian Style Pale Ale at your nearest Longo’s grocer!

🧼Reminder to follow all the heath and safety protocols set in place to ensure the safety of yourselves and the community!

💕Be sure to thank the essential service staff at any of these outlets when you shop. They’re working hard and facing scary challenges.

Stay safe and stay healthy, friends!

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