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Rodrigo Barillas

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Rodrigo joined the Taproom team over the summer of 2018 and  since made a lasting impression on guests and staff members alike. He and his family moved to the Kingston area from Ottawa, where he attended Carleton University, a fact he often mentions. Since joining the Spearhead team, Rodrigo has effortlessly showcased his vast knowledge of beers and ability to immerse himself in any social situation.

He has a great passion for craft beer, with a particular fondness for hazy, piny and hoppy IPA’s, but he wouldn’t turn his nose up at a tasty sour or gose. He often finds himself touring the craft beer circuit in whichever city he is in, and making friends in any room he enters.

When he’s not slinging beers you can find him uproariously rooting for his favourite team, creating custom art works, or lovingly caring for his delightful daughter.