Kaitlyn Barbosa

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Kaitlyn Barbosa

Floor Manager

Kaitlyn joined the Spearhead team over the summer of 2018, and quickly became a very important part of our culture here. She brings an upbeat and quirky sense of humour to the Taproom that keeps people in the best of moods. 

Kaitlyn oversees managament of the Taproom Floor, supervising the floor team and supporting our events management team.

Kaitlyn has an avid fondness for well crafted beers, and often can be found sipping our Lighter Lager or Sam Roberts Band Ale after her shift is over, though her all time favourite vice is a traditional Aeperol Spritz. She is a Kingstonian local but has deep roots in Ottawa and often travels between the two cities, and her ability to create friendships has ushered in some fantastic, life-long guests here at the brewery.

Email: kaitlyn@spearheadbeer.com