Addie O’Hara

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Addie O'Hara

Tap Room and Retail

Addie lived in Nova Scotia, where she was fortunate enough to have been exposed to some amazing craft beer, and where her love and passion for this industry really began. They say that you never forget your first- and for Addie, after having her first porter, that was it for her! She was sold on craft.

She made a significant impact on the Tap Room team at Spearhead among staff and guests alike. Her strange ways and wild screeches draw attention, but her attention to detail ensured a level of service that brought us all great pride.

Addie currently attends Brewing school at Niagara-on-the-Lake, where she is pursuing her passion for craft beer. We miss her deeply while she is away, but she returns home once in a blue moon to regale us with beer-school stories and her charming weirdness.