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Looking for a quick guide to Spearhead brews? Scroll for a brief snapshot of what each of our brands is all about.
 Find out the basics like what hops we use, what makes every beer unique, and the inspiration behind our creations.

hawaiian style pale ale

6% abv | 60 ibu | available year round
This West Coast Style IPA is brewed with pure pineapple juice. It's flavour profile consists of citrus and grapefruit notes- not a strong pineapple flavour as the juice smooths out the bitterness and enhances citrus from the hops. It pairs well with spicy foods and pizza! We brew it with Cascade, Centennial and Northern Brewer hops.
This was actually the very first brew on the Spearhead roster. Our founding fathers experimented with pineapple on a stovetop back in 2011, and that's when Spearhead was born. This flagship brew is to this day our best seller and most awarded product. 

Moroccan brown ale

6% abv | 35 ibu |  available year round

This full bodied Brown Ale is brewed with figs, cinnamon, dates and raisins. You can taste the dried fruit notes but the beer does not end as sweet as it begins. It has a nice dryness on the finish. It pairs really well with curries, desserts and is a great ingredient to use in cooking! We brew it with Warrior, Golding, Palisade and Cascade hops.

"Moroccan Brown Ale" is a style we made up! Our brewers were inspired by the traditional cuisine and cooking practices of the Magrheb region, and the spices commonly used became a big part of our brew.                                                                                   

Sam roberts band ale 

 4.5% abv  | 33 1/3 ibu | available year round

The Sam Roberts Band Ale is like an English and an American had a baby. The beer is malty on the front like an English Ale but ends with a bit of American hop. It’s malty and nutty. This ale is sessionable, meaning it's easy-drinking and you can drink a few pints without feeling weighed down. It pairs well with fish and chips, bangers and mash. We brew it with Golding, Fuggles, Cascade and Warrior hops.

Yes, this beer is named after the Juno Award winning band! We won an award at Sessions when we launched this beer in 2014. There we connected with the band, who became our partners for this brew.

Lighter lager


Our Lighter Lager has a little hop on the nose, slight sweetness from the malts, and is a very light tasting lager with a refreshing and quick finish. Comparable to a domestic beer but with more flavour, we consider Lighter to be our "gateway" craft beer. It pairs well with nachos, pizza, wings and burgers. We brew it with Warrior and Tradition hops.

Fun fact- this is the same beer as our Decoy Lager! The same liquid is used for both brands but we've marketed them differently- our Decoy Lager was launched in partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada.



NEIPA (pronounced: nee-pah) is a New England IPA that has notes of peaches and stone fruit. It is well balanced and smooth with a hop finish. At 45 IBU it is not overly hoppy and is slightly sweet. It pairs well with tacos, BBQ, burgers and fried food. We brew it with Azacca, Warrior and Sabro hops. 

This brew actually won an internal bet among our OG management team- the stakes? A bottle of whiskey.

BIg kahuna imperial ipa


Big Kahuna has notes of caramelized malt, citrus, a hint of pine and is not overly sweet. It's very balanced, dry hopped and not as much booziness as you would expect from such a high alcohol content. It pairs well with cured meats and cheese. We brew it with Cascade, Centennial, Northern Brewer, Cashmere and Hallertau Blanc hops.

This balanced IPA is actually the big brother to our Hawaiian Style IPA. Ask for it at your local LCBO and it may become available year round!

4 session ipa

4 Session IPA

Our first Session IPA, 4 has a nose that is very aromatic. It is Hawaiian’s younger brother with a lot of citrus hop and very clean finish. It pairs well with burgers and any Summer BBQ food as  citrus and hops cut through the fat. We brew it with Sasquatch, Azacca, Idaho 7,  Citra hops.

This brew is seasonal and won't be here for long- so get it while you can!

4 is brewed with four different malts and four different hops, which is why it was named 4! It is brewed with the first Canadian patented and trademarked hop, the Sasquatch hop.

oktoberfest lager

5.8% ABV | 25 IBU | SEASONAL

Brewed in honour of the Bavarian celebration, our Oktoberfest Lager has a strong honey like colour, a malty sweetness up front with a crisp hop finish on the end. It pairs well with sausages, sauerkraut and shnitzel. We brew it with Tradition and Hallertau Mittlefruh hops.

 It is considered an Oktoberfest Lager because it is higher in percentage than typical lagers which are usually around 4.5% ABV.