Our Team

Below are the team that make up Spearhead

Josh Hayter

President and CEO

Martin Villeneuve

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Richard Ward

Vice President & Chief Cynic

Chuck Galea

Chief Commercial Officer (Toronto)

Tomas Schmidt

Brewmaster (London)

Jacob Schmidt

Head Brewer

Courtney Fromm

Vice President Licensee Sales (Barrie)

Madeleine Tobias

Business Administrator

Stephanie Whitaker

Taproom & Retail Manager

Andi Shea

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Ari Starr

GTA Sales Representative

Ryan Morris

GTA Retail Manager

Andrew Turnbull

Western Ontario Sales Representative

Matt McLaren

Eastern Ontario Sales Representative

Kayla Fromm

Inside Sales Manager (Barrie)

Addie O’Hara

Tap Room and Retail

Cole Strange

Taproom and Retail

Darlene Whitaker

Taproom & Retail

Jordan Spink

Taproom & Retail

Kailey Harper

Taproom and Retail

Mackenzie Merry

Taproom and Retail

Mike Galna

Taproom and Retail

Nadia Putos

Taproom & Retail

Nate Hamilton

Tap Room and Retail/Brew Hand

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