Martin Villeneuve

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Martin Villeneuve

President & CEO, Spearhead Enterprise Inc.

Martin never envisioned himself as a brewer. In fact, until he became a founding partner of Spearhead, he was a verified wine snob with a virtually non-existent knowledge of beer. When it came to beer, he simply drank what everyone else was having and thought of it as wine’s ugly sister.

What started as a business challenge quickly grew into a passion- a passion for craft beer and a passion to elevate Spearhead far beyond the preconceived notions of beer. He is driven to eradicate these notions because he once held them all, and is driven to prove all those thinkers wrong.

Martin is essentially the orchestra conductor of our team. He does not make the music, but instead he is the disciplinarian that keeps everyone in harmony, bringing order and balance.

He left a high profile job in the financial services world for Spearhead, and now calls himself a retired banker, because banking will never again replace beer.

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